I was born and raised in Canada's Niagara Region and currently reside in Toronto, Ontario. My passion for photography is core to my exploration and understanding of the world around us. As an engineer, my love for all that is technical fosters in me a deep appreciation for the industrial and architectural worlds and the photographic opportunities that lie within them. With my camera, my goal is to celebrate the skills and ingenuity of designers and engineers all over the globe.  

I also love to travel and through my lens soak in the visual wonders of this planet, creating images that not only inspire me, but allow me to share these moments with you. 

Today, I am a freelance photographer working on assignments that focus on Architecture,  Industrial Complexes and Landscapes.  I leverage my passion for life to capture what I see. With my ability to visualize the image and my attention to the technical details of post production, my intent is to create photos that will not only tell a story but will also stir the soul.

Rick on Location - India & Antarctica

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